Director : K. V. Anand Cast: Dhanush, Karthik, Amyra Dastur, Aishwarya Devan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Atul Kulkarni

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Though the film’s concept looks a tad old for Tamil cinema, it is the way it has been used that makes it unique. The crew has made a bold choice to make it into a romantic thriller, also succeeding to a certain extent in this aspect. Efforts to include elements to entertain all classes of audience are open. Those efforts though have lifted and brought down the film at many points.


As said earlier, it is the concept of the film that makes it win. Efforts to pen a tightly packed screenplay around this concept are to be appreciated. The film also is strong in the aspect that it flows off as an engaging entertainer for a majority of the 160 minutes. The film doesn’t have many scenes testing your patience. If you had been following recent Tamil cinema closely you would know better, the need for the previous sentence.

Screenplay-character sketch:

Hats off to the screenplay team for having merged three stories in three different time periods into one- editor Antony has a crucial too. The story takes a steep turn every ten minutes, breaking our predictions in 80% of the scenes. There are also evident efforts to add minute details inside every scene. It can well be called the only film with good-quality screenplay and dialogues, in the last 5 years, of which the writer duo “Suba” has been part of. Usually, Suba’s dialogues make you feel like you are still in the 1970s but this time, Anegan has some surprisingly sharp and witty dialogues.

K.V.Anand deserves praise for having created every character with deep research, shaping every single one with unique characteristics and background. The events happening in the story, linked to the characters’ unique features make it even more interesting.(Examples- the need for Thalaivasal Vijay to be a painter, the lead pair working in the IT industry). Though many actors have been used for more than one character, those characters stand alone with subtle differences.

The production:

It is the film’s shockingly poor production quality that nullifies all the above positive aspects. Had only the crew shown in filmmaking aesthetics, at least 1% of the dedication spent in the paperwork, it would have not been passed off as just another ‘Kollywood flick’. The film gets a big zero in production quality. Cinematography looks like the work of a child experimenting ways with a new toy. You might end up losing a good portion of your time in calculating the number of cameras used in the film, with the help of difference in visual quality within scenes. The visualization is way too artificial, blunt and of the absurd style of mainstream Tamil films. During pre-climax, the hero and the villain narrate to each other all the happenings in the story so far, with ten page dialogues each!

The action sequences make you laugh out loud the moment you see them! In few parts the editing and computer graphics remind you of the ‘Ramanarayanan’ films of the past. Though the art director deserves praise for adding minute details to each frame for the changing time periods, he surely does fail in recreating those periods as a whole. Background music redefines cliché. Songs never got good response from the audience, of course, except for ‘Danga mari’. What people expect from K.V.Anand are the exotic locations in song sequences. However, in Anegan when you watch such exotic visuals and landscapes in the background in songs, you just doubt whether those were really filmed in those locations- look for the hero and heroine dancing with ‘Studio lighting’ on them well differentiated from the background.

The love affair between the lead couple in all time periods is portrayed deeply and exuberantly well. It is well known that Dhanush sits perfect in any getup or makeup he wears. This time it is the heroine Amyra Dastur astonishing us, suiting every character she takes up in the movie. Karthik’s character turns out to be the most enjoyed and applauded one. Though we enjoy these aspects, what makes the film a bit ordinary is the fact that we never are really able to empathize with the characters on screen. All sentimental sequences look so fake. It only qualifies as a ‘good romantic thriller story’.

This film is for…

If you are an ardent fan of usual ‘Kollywood masala’ and Tamil commercial flicks, Anegan will turn out to be a good engaging entertainer. If you are looking for a film that is both different and also of uncompromised quality in all aspects, it might just not be the right choice.

(Recently, films with excellent production quality and visual aesthetics were shrugged off by the Tamil audience citing “Same-old story content” as the prime reason. Now we have a film that has really different story content but with the execution of a “typical old MGR film”- now it will be interesting to see how such a film is received by the same audience.)

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